Crash Site

Crash Site

of an abandoned space craft

My primary aim with this project was to achieve telling and framing, mysterious lighting that shines on the space craft. I really like the result and while I was considering filling the scene with a few more signs of life I eventually decided against it to really let the city seem abandoned apart from the light in the windows and the bar sign. For me it adds to the abstract nature of the image.

The space ship, street light, tileable textures on street/houses were originally made for a Game Jam project. I had wanted to display the assets I made and came up with this scene. I sculpted the crater and set the scene in Blender, (re)textured everything in Substance Painter and rendered the image with Blender Cycles.

Project Type - Personal Render, Showcase

Software - Blender, Substance Painter

By - Lena Lund